What We Do

DII’s primary purpose is to help develop and improve the financial well-being of our clients, both investors and businesses. Our team and technology are constantly transforming to bring more efficiency, transparency and precision to the investing and equity value creation processes. As an organisation we challenge each other to grow and better ourselves professionally so that we can have a greater impact on clients and the wider market.



DII will launch 2.5 billion DIIC tokens on all major cryptocurrency exchanges via an IEO. The IEO will be supported by promotional activities from influencers and stakeholders, with a global marketing campaign to follow. The DIIC token will initially be launched at $1 per token.

The proceeds from the IEO will be used to launch the DII Fund which will primarily invest in state of the art, eco-friendly property, green technology, and crypto projects across Dubai as per the UN 2030 agenda, with the aim of making Dubai the global hub for green technologies. The proceeds will also be used to launch the DII App will include the DII Digital Asset Platform, DII Crypto Banking and DII Crypto World.


  • DII specialises in investing in Dubai based projects through the DII fund, capital for which is raised through the IEO of our DII Coin, with secondary ICO’s to follow for additional projects
  • The DIIC token is a TRC-20 token, and smart contracts will be built on the Tron’s blockchain and designed to be used by members within the DIIC platform. Following this standard, DIIC tokens are easily transferable between users and platforms using any TRC-20 compatible wallets
  • DIIC tokens will initially be launched on Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Huobi, Gate.io, Vindax and BankCex
  • Investors are allowed to cash out or exchange DIIC tokens at their own discretion. There is no lock-up
  • For any real estate project that the DII fund invests in, investors can use their DIIC to purchase units or housing in the development without the need for a fiat currency exchange on their part
  • For any green technology, crypto or other projects that the DII fund invests in, investors will be given the option to invest directly into the project with their DIIC tokens
  • This gives investors the opportunity to have direct ownership of any given project and be entitled to dividends and equity value creation on a pro-rata basis
  • This feature allows all clients to convert their DIIC tokens into tangible asset investments

Investment Sectors

We have experts in the below sectors whose role is to drive the investment process for the DII fund, investors on an individual basis and Dubai based businesses.