Hand-picked over a period of years, our team is formidable in the investing, blockchain and AI spaces.



Dubai International Investment is supported by an experienced team of industry experts, solid financial backing from founders and seed investors, and a first of its kind asset-backed crypto token in the DII Coin.

DII is best placed to becoming the go to option for investors, businesses, cryptocurrency traders, online gaming players and any consumer with day-to-day banking requirements.

Most importantly, DII’s tangible asset fund will underwrite the intrinsic value of the DII Coin, with the DII App and its various services supercharging the coin’s extrinsic, ‘crypto-world’ value. With this hybrid approach we bring our clients a multitude of ways to grow their wealth both safely and at speed.

  • Proven Investment Strategies and Experienced Fund Managers
  • Operating Business SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Expansive IT and Blockchain Team
  • Advanced Encryption Experts
  • AI Programmers
  • AI Tracking and Forecasting Scientists
  • Vast Experience & Expertise Growing Wealth in Crypto Currency Platforms