DII is a company striving to make its mark as a pioneer in the investment domain by coupling blockchain technology and AI to help identity and strategize alpha generating investment opportunities.



Dubai International Investment (DII) is in the business of raising capital specifically for project funding in Dubai.

The DII Fund will be the world’s first asset-backed crypto fund. The fund will be investing in eco-friendly property projects across Dubai alongside the country’s largest developer, as well as acting as an incubator for green technology and crypto projects, with the aim of making Dubai the global hub for green technology businesses. Our fund managers can also sanction projects outside of these focus sectors with Board approval. We use our DIIC token on all major cryptocurrency exchanges as the primary source for raising capital for the DII Fund.

DIIC tokens will also be accepted as a means of payment by Dubai’s most prominent vendors in the real estate, automobile, and retail sectors. This element of the project will be supported by DII’s app which will provide multi-crypto asset investment, trading, and banking services to all token holders.

The project has been founded by a group of industry experts and Sheikh Suhail Bin Ali Al Maktoum, a member of Dubai’s ruling family who also serves as Chairman of the group’s Advisory Board.


DII will be the first and only company in the world to bridge the investment gap from digital currency into physical assets and operating businesses. We will take our investors into the emerging world of digital currency to appreciate their investments, while still developing operating businesses and physical assets through the DII Fund.

The nature of DII’s strategy will ensure the intrinsic value of all DIIC tokens in circulation is underwritten by the net asset value of the DII Fund. This approach will also help investors enjoy staking and ROI opportunities that are currently not available in the crypto space.


  • Proven Investment Strategies
  • Operating Business SME’s (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Expansive IT and Blockchain Team
  • Advanced Encryption Experts
  • AI Programmers
  • AI Tracking and Forecasting Scientists
  • Vast Experience & Expertise Growing Wealth in Crypto Currency Platforms