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What is DII?

Dubai International Investment (DII) is in the business of raising capital specifically for project funding in Dubai.

The proceeds from DII’s IEO will be used to launch the world’s first asset-backed crypto fund, ‘The DII Fund’. The fund will be investing in eco-friendly property projects across Dubai alongside the country’s largest developer, as well as acting as an incubator for green technology and crypto projects in Dubai. Our fund managers can also sanction projects outside of these focus sectors with Board approval. The nature of DII’s strategy will ensure the intrinsic value of all DIIC tokens in circulation is underwritten by the net asset value of the DII Fund.

DIIC tokens will also be accepted as a means of payment by Dubai’s most prominent vendors in the real estate, automobile, and retail sectors. This element of the project will be supported by DII’s app which will provide crypto-banking, investment, and trading services to all token holders.

The project has been founded by a group of industry experts and Sheikh Suhail Bin Ali Al Maktoum, a member of Dubai’s ruling family who also serves as Chairman of the group’s Advisory Board.

What is in it for the Investor?

Investments made by our investors are converted into DIIC (Dubai International Investment Coin) tokens, one of the safest crypto assets.

DII uses Blockchain technology to provide financial security, flexibility, and capital growth to all our investors through our DIIC tokens. Our risk-adjusted market neutral fund strategy helps achieve abnormal, absolute returns for investors well before the launch or completion of any given project. The asset-backed component of our DIIC tokens gives investors the opportunity to benefit from both intrinsic and extrinsic value creation.

DII’s management team has a best-in-class understanding of how to plan the growth of its crypto coin. The team aims to ensure consistent, stable value growth of the DII Coin irrespective of wider market performance. In time, DII plans to pay a quarterly dividend to all token holders should they decide to hold on to their coins. This will see the DII Coin become a yielding crypto asset.


DII Co-Founder, Chairman of The Advisory Board and Member of the ruling family of Dubai.

A pioneering businessman who has accompanied the renaissance of Dubai and the UAE for more than three decades. His contributions and investments in Dubai and the UAE include the following sectors: financial, industrial, healthcare, education, sports, real estate, and construction.

Sheikh Suhail bin Ali al Maktoum attaches great importance to the health and education sectors and forges international alliances in these two pivotal sectors. He considers contribution to charitable and community work as a national duty and a humanitarian responsibility.

He loves history and heritage and has a number of private museums and art collections. He is considered the largest collector of Emirati pawns in the world, in addition to his hobby of collecting ancient weapons. He also keeps a private collection of copies of the Holy Qur'an.




Our experts help both the DII Fund and clients directly to identify suitable sectors and projects to invest in. Our team offer full investment cycle guidance for clients, up to and including exit. We believe this thorough, high touch approach to be the only way to fully maximise growth and provide financial stability to both our clients and the DII Fund.

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Our Team of Strategists

Our Investment Strategists are sector specialists who have many years of experience in monitoring and speculating the growth and downfall of their industries. They are constantly striving to better themselves. Their deep sector knowledge and global networks ensure that as an organisation we are always one step ahead and able to amplify investor returns despite a low risk profile.



DII and our DIIC tokens support and take part in the ongoing evolution and rise of crypto around the world. We believe that the future of all financial outcomes will be in some way influenced by these digital coins, and we work towards funding energy efficient, state of the art projects across Dubai using the capital raised through them.


To be pioneers in combining blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and a tangible asset investment strategy to provide investors with enhanced ROIC (Return-On-Invested-Crypto) figures on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

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